Professional Translations

Our law office can meet your needs for a high-quality translation of your legal documents from English to Hungarian or Hungarian to English. The head of the law office, Andras Erdei, has uniquely valuable experience in the area of professional legal translations in English and Hungarian. He is a native speaker of English and Hungarian, has earned a juris doctor degree in both the common law system of the United States and the civil law system of Hungary, has been practicing law for nearly ten years in the United States and in Hungary combined, therefore has a first-hand knowledge of the importance of precise legal terminology.


Andras Erdei taught English legal terminology at ELTE School of Law for several years and was an advisor in the primary English-Hungarian translator post-graduate program in Hungary. He also acted as the lector for the first comprehensive Hungarian-English-Hungarian legal dictionary published by KJK Kerszöv.


The fees of the professional translation depends on the nature and difficulty of the target text, its length and the deadline of the translation.


Basic translation fee: $0.50 - 0.75/word

Completion deadline for basic translations is 5 working days (max. 2000 words)

            -25% surcharge for 72 hour completion deadline

            -50% surcharge for 48 hour completion deadline

            -100% surcharge for 24 hour completion deadline

translations over 2000 words subject to negotiation

minimum fee of $50/page


Review of existing translation: 50% of the translation fee


Please contact our law office for an estimate.