The Erdei Law Office is located in New York City and advises companies with American and Hungarian interests, as well as individuals concerning a wide variety of legal matters in the United States. The head of the law office, Andras Erdei, uniquely among attorneys in New York, is a native speaker of both English and Hungarian, has a juris doctor qualification in both the United States and in Hungary, and has many years of professional and academic experience.


The law office counsels and represents its clients in various proceedings, negotiations with third parties and in court throughout the state of New York and where possible, across the United States. Practice areas of the law office include:


-          general company law counseling for new and existing business entities, company formation and filings

-          drafting business contracts, service contracts and employment contracts

-          investment and tax counseling

-          immigration law (visas, green cards, naturalization)

-          litigation (New York state and federal)

-          family law (prenup agreements, divorces, wills)

-          personal injury and damages

-          commercial and residential real estate transactions

-          legal translations, notarization

-          counseling in Hungarian legal matters and proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg


We provide legal services to our clients in English and Hungarian. Contact our law office in confidence to schedule a consultation. Contact us